Why is it worth joining?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Polish LPG Association will again have the pleasure of hosting representatives of the LPG sector from all over the world at the 6th International Conference “LPG – Exceptional Energy”. The conference will be held on 4th April 2019 in Warsaw as a continuation of the previous five meetings that have already gained the approval and appreciation of the liquefied petroleum gas industry.
As in previous years, it is the main idea of the 6th International Conference “LPG – Exceptional Energy” to provide our international guests, as well as guests from Poland, with a platform for dialogue, knowledge-exchange, the sharing of experience and the circulation of knowledge on the international and local markets. This will be achieved through making sure that the conference is of distinctive, high profile international event of great significance to the Polish energy sector. During the conference we will discuss current problems in the LPG market relating to the law changes in 2018. What is more, the ecological properties of LPG will be highlighted because of the recent implementation of new eco-oriented state programmes – for example “Clean Air” programme.

Moreover, we anticipate the presentation of the Annual Report of the Polish LPG Association for 2018.

One of the main advantages of our conference is the place of the event. Bristol Hotel is situated near Trakt Królewski and Nowy Świat Street, the most famous and well-known streets in Poland.

The conference will be finalized with the traditional banquet, which on this occasion is to be held in an exceptional place known as “Moulin Rouge” in Małgorzata Potocka’s theatre “Sabat”. The theatre’s main objective is to promote and support Warsaw’s branding campaign internationally, for which it has been already granted the prestigious Warsaw Destination Alliance award. Our guests will be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the event in the theatre’s beautiful Art Nouveau interiors, combining a contemporary look with 1930s nostalgia.

For detailed information about the agenda and other guests of our conference please visit www.pogp2019.pl.

We look forward to seeing you in Warsaw.

The POGP Team